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Fauzia is a mother, businesswoman, and nonprofit leader as well as member of the Board of Directors at Western Municipal Water District

Specialized in water technology

Small Business Owner

President of For the People Task Force

Longtime community leader

Fauzia Rizvi currently serves as the Director for the Western Municipal Water District, Division 5, including the City of Corona, Home Gardens, El Cerrito, and a portion of Temescal Canyon. With a dedication to serving the community, she also serves as a nonprofit leader, business owner, and community advocate.

Fauzia is a long-time resident of the City of Corona, living with her family. Initially, she was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. In 1992, she immigrated to Texas, then moved to the Bay Area, finished high school at Canyon High, and transferred to Santiago Canyon College.

While raising her family, she furthered her career in Engineering, specializing in Water and Sewer technologies, learning about the importance and the need for infrastructure and supply of clean water; She also began to advocate on behalf of families in the community.

In 2015, she started working at a desalination plant as a consultant. Additionally, she helped establish an IT company where she served as a board member. Having a passion for water and environmental protection with a commitment to serving the community, she ran to help on the Board of Directors for Western Municipal Water District, making history as the first Muslim ever to be elected to office in the Inland Empire.

During the pandemic, she helped cofound the nonprofit, For the People Task Force (FTPT). FTPT has been instrumental in providing our essential workers with over 20,000 homemade hand-sewn masks and established a food bank and pantry in Corona. In addition, through the nonprofit, she has assisted community members with food insecurities by hosting over 100 food drives distributing 30 million pounds of food to Southern California. Recently, she partnered with several organizations to provide daily COVID testing. These community efforts have helped thousands of families throughout the Inland Empire.

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